Meet Jacob

Jacob Made a Channel called Dountboy on August 20th 2015, He wanted to think of a channel that he really wants to make up with Donut as he likes donuts

His First Video

On his first video (old topics) He made the video called : Hey Guys This is My First Video, He telled that this was his first video, he said, "Like this video and hit that subscribe button". In his comments, people was spamming to check out their channel

The Subscribers

On 2015 He got 0-3 subscribers, On 2016 He got 26 - 600 subscribers, On 2017 (right now) He got 1,000-7,000 subscribers

2017 videos

He made logo editing on Avs and He really likes sony vegas and windows and he really wants to get it

His Best Friends

on 2016, He had a new bff named PixelGunFanatic and then on 2017, PixelGunFanatic thinks dountboy is stupid and put up his address, Now His Best Friends Fovever list is 1. Carlos Hernandez 2. Megan Woodmansee, Carlos first time meeting dountboy was on November 16 2017 on a Thursday, Dountboy wanted to help Carlos doing effects by using Klasky Csupo

\About Dountboy

He is 10 years old, his birthday is July 29, he was born in 2007 and lives in philadelphia with a Mom Named (Sadie Rose). Sadie Rose was a band player and some of his videos, You can hear sadies gig in the basment in the backgroud


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